Ausdom Dash Cam – Car DVR Video Recorder


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AUSDOM A261 Dash Cam Recorder, All-in-One Automobile Car DVR 1080p Full HD

  • Image Sensor CMOS
  • 4.0 Mega pixel
  • 106°
  • 130°


Do you spend a lot of time driving, and would like the best product to protect your car in the event of a crash or accident? Rather than relying solely on descriptions, would you like a super convenient solution, offering HD recording, providing you with a full record of any crashes or driving accidents? If so, the Car DVR Dash Cam Recorder is the perfect solution! Mounting to your windshield or dashboard with a super secure suction cup, the Car Dash Cam records your driving in stunning, full HD 1920 *1080p video with a 130 degree viewing angle, providing you with a record of the road in the event of any accidents or crashes.Whereas others are simply a camera, the Car Dash Cam combines outstanding full HD video, endless looping, and an inbuilt GPS to provide location data to your recordings.

The Dash Cam also has a 2.0 inch TFT LCD display allowing you to view recordings easily, and uses expandable memory, supporting micro SD cards up to 64G.

The Car Dash Cam is a premium product with a number of notable features:

1. Records in full HD 1920 *1080p video at 30fps for crystal clear video recording.
2. Super strong ABS suction cup to secure the dash cam to your windshield or dashboard.
3. 2.0 inch TFT LCD display for easy viewing of recorded images.
4. Inbuilt GPS for encoding videos with location data.
5. Expandable memory, up to 64G using convenient micro SD cards. Rather than cheap dash cameras which don’t record full HD video, the Car Dash Cam combines outstanding video recording, expandable memory and premium GPS tracking for the best dash cam on the market.

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